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Blaze Dash Charging Cable

Are you looking for a cable that can ensure dash/warp charging, but are turned down by the cost?  Well look no further. Powerzz Blaze is here to save the day. High speed charging, and maximum protection, and a perfectly affordable price. What else could one ask for? 
So quit hesitating. Empower yourself!

1. Connectors Type - C Usb Pins made with the best raw materials so as to ensure complete protection of the phone's charging ports.


2. Cable 1 m / 2 m High quality PVC cable with copper wires on the inside, made to provide high speed charging at 30W while using Warp, and 20W while using Dash charging.


3. Warranty 1 year.


4. Supports - Dash Charging , Warp Charging

Blaze Dash Charging Cable

₹699.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
Taxes Included
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