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FTL Cable

Dash, Warp, VOOC, QC. These are the fastest charging options that people have for charging their devices. But why settle for any one, when you can have them all? Introducing Powerzz FTL ( Faster than light ), your one stop destination for all kinds of super speed charging.
It's type C to type C connectors ensure the highest charging and data transmission speeds, along with a metal braiding which make it unbreakable. So don't think twice. Empower yourself. 

Specifications : 
1. Connectors Type - C to Type- C Pins made with the best raw materials so as to ensure complete protection of the phone's charging ports.
2. Cable 1 m Metal Braided cable with copper wires on the inside, made to provide high speed charging at 60W. Powerzz FTL Cables are Non-breakable cables that can sustain heavy damage with no loss of functionality.
3. Warranty 1 year.
4. Supports - Dash Charging , Warp Charging, VOOC Charging, Qualcomm Quickcharging
5. Colors - Black, Silver

FTL ( Faster Than Light ) C to C cable

₹699.00 Regular Price
₹525.00Sale Price
Taxes Included
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