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There are some who insist on buying original cables for charging their devices made by a certain company with a fruit for it's name. Not the smartest move in our opinion. Because who would want to settle for a lame plastic cable, which breaks within a few months, when you can have a super fast PD ( power delivery )cable with metal braiding, which is unbreakable? 
Powerzz Lightning Cable will make sure your device gets the power it needs.
Empower yourself !

Specifications : 

1. Connectors Type - C to Lightning Pins made with the best raw materials so as to ensure complete protection of the phone's charging ports.
2. Cable 1 m Metal Braided cable with copper wires on the inside, made to provide high speed charging at 20W Power Delivery. Powerzz Rapid Cables are Non-breakable cables that can sustain heavy damage with no loss of functionality.
3. Warranty 1 year.
4. Support -PD Quick Charge for Iphones
5. Colors - Black, Silver

Rapid Lightning Cable

₹1,099.00 Regular Price
₹825.00Sale Price
Taxes Included
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